Teeth Whitening Gel

So, you are looking to whiten your teeth for brightening up your smile. The easiest way to brighten your teeth and make them look pearly white while you charm people around with a ravishing smile is by using the Teeth Whitening Gel. Not everyone would have white teeth naturally. This is because of the food that sticks to the teeth and not being washed off properly. Washing your teeth with the teeth whitening gel available across the counters, works wonders.

How effective are gels

Yellow teeth happen due to the smoking of cigarettes or for the food and drink intake. The whitening gels work on both the surfaces, for whitening it. It is much less expensive form of whitening the teeth than making a trip to the dentist.

Teeth Whitening GelThese whitening gels are also referred to as gel bleaching because that is what they do. There are two types of whitening gels available. One has a carbamide peroxide in high concentration. This is used by the dentists. The other is of low concentration and is much cheaper too. When the carbamide peroxide enters the mouth, it converts to hydrogen oxide. It works on the outside of the teeth as well as on the inside. It is much effective in whitening the teeth. This also helps remove the stain causing elements underneath the teeth.

Why do teeth yellow?

Teeth get yellowed due to the lack of the light which is usually blocked because of the presence of stains. Whitening gels help the removal of stains and this allows the light to get on to the surface of the teeth. This gives you much whiter teeth.

Whitening teeth at home

You can whiten teeth at home by not paying a visit to the dentist. You can purchase the gels at the local stores. The gels are available in various forms. One of them is called the whitening pen. You can also find teeth whitening kits on the internet that you can order. The whitening gels over the counter are much cost effective and work well in whitening your teeth.

Different types of teeth whiteners

The whitening pen is a very popular whitener of teeth. It looks like a pen and while you move it across your teeth it starts dispensing the whitening gel on to your teeth in a smooth and easy flowing manner.

These whitening gels are also available in the tube form like toothpastes that can be directly applied to the teeth.

There is yet another form of Teeth Whitening Gel that looks like a tray. This should fit rightly on to the teeth. The tray is put into the mouth and left for some time before it is removed.

Gels are of course the cheap alternatives for white teeth. You do not need to go to the dentist anymore. You can also do all this all by yourself and these can be done from the comfort of the home.

Time span for whitening teeth

The teeth appear whiter in three days. It might sound far-fetched but it is true. This is a proven formula, tried and tested over the years. In order to get dazzling white teeth overnight you need not spend an arm and a leg anymore or rush to the dentist. The teeth whitening gel is a sure and easy way to getting that ravishing smile in just three days now.

Purchasing teeth whitening gel

Teeth whitening gel can be found everywhere. Looking up the dental website for these products will be helpful. You can learn more about the products and their contents and also learn about the pricing. You can also get them at a good price online. It is advisable not to buy them unless you have checked the reliability of the product. For checking them out, read through the testimonials or the customers’ feedback on the website. Various discussion forums would also be able to tell you more about certain products.

You can also go through the various brief reviews of products. You would also find a lot of choices at the local stores or pharmacy. The dentist can also stock kits which can be used when approved by dentists. Look out for the best products, do a lot of research on the internet before trying one out. With a lot of information available on the internet, you can surely come across the right tooth whitening gel to serve your needs.